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Worktops FAQ’s

We offer a brand range of worktop specifications as well as colours to help fit both budget and desired style.

The entry level worktop would typically be a laminate worktop which may would have had great service from for many years. However technology moves on and we selectively choose the better quality laminate worktops to include in our portfolio. For example many laminate worktops do not come with a backing or a drip bead seal on them. Just look underneath and this will easily be noticed. We also offer laminate worktops with a modern style too like with a square edge or thinner in profile. For that natural look of a timber surface without the up-keep, we have a range of laminate woods which also have a ‘synchronised pore’ whereby that texture and grain are aligned. For the ultra-thin option we also offer ‘solid’ laminate worktops which are becoming more popular now plus they do not have a chipboard core which is usually the culprit with failed joints.

Timber worktops bring a beautiful natural look to a kitchen and we offer a huge range of material options from Beech to Bamboo, Cherry, Maple, Oak, Walnut, Wenge, Zebrano etc. We also offer all of these in a range of different thickness too. The long-term beauty of the worktop is very dependant on care and routine maintenance by the user. This is typically the only element that makes many reluctant to have solid timber. However the routine maintenance is not as daunting as it sounds but it must be done to maintain its water repellence and prevent any movement or splitting. It must also remembered that wood is a natural material that can be affected by temperature and humidity. It can gain and lose moisture before, during and after installation so regular oiling will help maintain its beauty.

There are many Acrylic based materials available at competitive rates. The older style materials in this market are based on a chipboard core with a layer of Acrylic based material clad to the top. We do offer these, but more recently favour the ‘Solid Surface’ variant which is a solid sheet of Acrylic material. With these there is no chance of any adverse affect from water impregnation. It is also possible to shape and curve the worktop easily with no compromise to the integrity of the worktop. Undermount sinks and recessed drainers are also an option so you can have the look a Corian Worktop without the price premium.

Granite is a true miracle from within our Earth. Created over millions of years from cooling magma combined with extremely high pressure create what we know as granite. Its natural properties such as high durability, scratch and stain resistance mean it’s nature’s answer to the perfect worktop material. Granite, by nature, is a crystalline structure so when machined tiny fragments can fracture away so it should be remembered it will never be a ‘perfect’ finish but this is the beauty for the material. It is also porous so care needs to be afforded with the likes of acids and oils as if left laying on the granite, these can soak in to the surface. Most commonly seen is Granite in its polished state but we also offer a Honed finish, Antique finish and Flamed finish all bringing a new look and feature to each surface finish.

Quartz, sometimes known as engineered stone, is a man-made material compromising of around 95% natural quartz and around 5% adaptive polymer resin. The result is an ultra strong, durable and low maintenance kitchen work surface. Quartz shares many qualities with granite but the main difference is the colour options engineered stone provides. Not only are the colour options almost endless, finish is more consistent in colour and machines more smoothly due to the resin. Quartz is non-porous so it has a high resistance to stains and is anti-bacterial making it a friendly everyday useable kitchen worktop material.

The price points of Granite and Quartz are very similar as are the fabrication costs.

Yes, there is another option known as Ultra-Compact worktops or sometimes referred to as Sintered Stone worktops. Ultra-compact work surfaces are the latest to hit the market. This super hard, highly heat, scratch, stain and UV resistant material is the result of technological and manufacturing advances within the work surface industry. Granite and marble are both created over millions of years by a process called natural sintering. Sintering is the process of compacting a powder with high pressure and heat to the point of turning it into a solid mass but without liquefying it. Manufacturing advances have allowed companies to take the natural sintering process and fast track it. Raw materials are mixed, pressed with several thousand tons and then baked in an oven. This is a modern day replica process of the metamorphic changes natural stone takes over the course of millions of years.

This material has several properties that make it very appealing for both residential and commercial use. The nature of the material means it is highly resistant to heat, impacts, stains, scratches and UV. These qualities make it incredibly user-friendly and practical for kitchen worktops. It would be in the upper levels of price point due to the manufacturing process for the material and subsequent challenges of fabricating such a resilient material.

Corian is the prime brand in this arena but we also offer LG Hi-Macs as a Solid Surface too. Solid surface worktops are a designers dream with inconspicuous joints, no thickness or size restrictions and unlimited shaping options. Solid surfaces were designed to fill a gap in the market for seamless work surfaces. Upstands and backsplashes can be inconspicuously fabricated to the work surfaces as well as sinks and end panels. As well as the unprecedented design capabilities Solid surfaces are durable to the wear and tear of everyday kitchen use although it is not as durable as granite. Where solid surface comes into its own is hygiene. Solid surfaces are non-porous which prevents liquids and bacteria penetrating the surface of the material. To add to this, solid surfaces can be seamlessly jointed so there are no joints where bacteria can grow. This makes for a surface that is very easy to clean and maintain. This is also at the higher end price point.

We offer a FREE design service for all Kitchens which can either be done at your home, from architectural drawings or from drawings brought in to us in the showroom. During the design stage we will listen to your needs, offer advice, demonstrate options available to you and then create the perfect solution. We will provide you with Computer Generated Images to stimulate discussion and decisions and for you to visualise how the Kitchen would look if fitted.

This is where we are very different to most and the fact that we manufacturer enables us to offer the solution YOU need rather than you accepting one others are only able to provide. We have invested in or workforce and in Computerised Machinery allowing us to manufacture quickly and efficiently so we can offer a bespoke but cost effective product to you.


What Our Customers Say

Good design technique with pictures to see finished wardrobes. Installation prompt and full advice on fitting times and dates.
5 out of 5 stars

Mr and Mrs P from Wicken, Feb 2018

Mr and Mrs P from Wicken, Feb 2018

House visit-business like, no time wasted. Installer Paul, very amiable and hard working. Love that you measure and make materials before installation.
5 out of 5 stars

Mr M from Cambridge, Jan 2018

Mr M from Cambridge, Jan 2018

We are extremely pleased with the finished result , both cupboards and flooring. Your workmen were both efficient, friendly and clean. Thank you.
5 out of 5 stars

Mrs W from Exning, Jan 2018

Mrs W from Exning, Jan 2018

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